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The College used to be based in 1951 and was once recognised as the Witwatersrand College of Nursing. During 1980 it was once named after the first principal, Dr. Ann Latsky who used to be the Principal from 1951 – 1957.

The College is centrally located in the Hurst Hill and Auckland Park area, adjoining to Helen Joseph Hospital and the

University of Johannesburg

Our emblem symbolizes:

The Shield

The clover flame shows growth. The three leaves characterize the three dimensions of training

namely cognitive, affective and psychomotor.

The purple centre

portrays the Holy Trinity, demonstrating the robust Christian philosophy of the College

The vintage lamp of nursing

is a signal of carrier and compassion to humankind.

The helmet

The helmet symbolizes that there is a head of the college/and dates from the

period of the knights.

The helmet sign

The helmet signal is the pinnacle section of the brand and consist of the following:

The move symbolizes the help furnished through nursing

The ring symbolizes eternity and the non-stop care that is furnished by means of nursing.

The snakes, on both side, are indicative of the snakes that signify the clinical profession


The College is one of the directorates of the Gauteng Department of Health.

All schooling and coaching is supplied in affiliation with the University of Johannesburg.

The ETQA physique is the South African Nursing Council.

All Nursing Education is ruled by means of the Nursing Act 33 of 2005.


Phase 1:

Senior Certificate

An English ignore price of at least D HG or C SG

A Biology omit charge of at least D HG or C SG

A minimal of 15 factors is quintessential to acquire admission to Phase 2.

How do you recognize if you have received an M rating of 15 points?

Allocate marks to your topics and symbols on your matric certificate, in accordance to the following scale:



A 6 5
B 5 4
C 4 3
D 3 2
E 2 1
F 1 0

National Senior Certificate

An English skip price of at least 50% (level 4), A Life Sciences pass by fee of at least 50% (level 4)

A minimal of 25 factors is critical to gain admission to Phase 2.

Note: Life Orientation is 1/2 the unique mark. E.g. 6 = 3

If in Grade 12 use your Final Grade eleven Results.

Acceptance into the procedure is provisional

The last acceptance relies upon on the last grade 12 results.

Phase 2:

If you meet the standards in segment 1 you will be invited to an assessment.

Phase 3:

All short-listed candidates will endure a obligatory evaluation and following in addition shortlisting

an interview. Successful candidates will be required to endure a clinical surveillance, including

a scientific examination and safety verification of all documents.

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