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Nursing in South Africa

Nurses are essential to all health care systems around the world. They ensure that individuals, families and communities achieve optimal health, improving their quality of life. Because of this, nursing is an incredibly fulfilling and rewarding career. Are you trying to decide what you want to do when you’re done with school? Do you know […]

🔥How To Remove Shortcut Virus From Your Pc🔥

Ethical Hacking Skills, 🔥How To Remove Shortcut Virus From Your Pc🔥 Method 1. Clean up and remove Shortcut Virus by CMD – Click on Start and select Run; Type: CMD and Hit Enter to open Command Prompt; Type the drive letter of your hard drive partition in PC or USB flash drive and hit Enter; […]

Apply Now for Telkom Leanerships

To Complete Applying for Telkom Internships or learnerships you must add the supporting documents on your application for the opportunity. Apply Online for the Telkom Learnership Programme  Telkom’s purpose, vision, and values To lead in the converged ICT market through deep and credible relationships and distinctive customer experience by: Leading in converged solutions; Providing a […]

Education System in South Africa

  Education School/Level Grades Age Years Notes Primary Primary School 1–9 7–15 9 Education is compulsory through grade 9 Secondary Secondary Education 10–12 14 3 National Senior Certificate (NSC) Exams taken upon completion of grade 12. The NSC grants access to higher education. Awarded since 2008. Secondary Vocational Secondary Education 11–12 16 2   Post-secondary […]