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Ordering From Amazon in South Africa, Take Two

My blog post Ordering from Amazon in South Africa is in 3rd place among most read stories on Joburg Expat. Because so many people seem to rely on it, and because it’s already four years old, it needs a makeover to reflect changes since then.The thing that’s not changed, just to get that out of the way: […]

How to download videos and photos from Instagram.

Instagram is used by millions of user nowadays and every day, millions of photos and videos are posted on Instagram. Some of the posts are so amazing that you quickly take a screenshot of it to share but what about videos? You can’t do the same with the videos because of some Instagram restrictions. However, […]

How To Get American Netflix And Hulu In South Africa.

Hulu South Africa Hulu South Africa hasn’t launched (yet) but watching Hulu in South Africa is just as easy as watching American Netflix in South Africa. The solution lies in making it appear that you are actually accessing the Hulu website from within the United States and then getting around their block on SA credit cards. First […]

🔥How To Remove Shortcut Virus From Your Pc🔥

Ethical Hacking Skills, 🔥How To Remove Shortcut Virus From Your Pc🔥 Method 1. Clean up and remove Shortcut Virus by CMD – Click on Start and select Run; Type: CMD and Hit Enter to open Command Prompt; Type the drive letter of your hard drive partition in PC or USB flash drive and hit Enter; […]

How to use Facebook to market your business in South Africa.

Facebook allows your business to connect with users directly in an engaging and genuine way. How to use Facebook to market your business in South Africa? It’s now simple and streamlined. By creating a hub for your business on Facebook you make your business: Discoverable. People who search for you using Facebook will be able to […]

Facebook Advertising For South African Business

With more than 1.4 Billion worldwide users and 17 Million South Africans estimated to be on the social media platform, Facebook provides an incredible opportunity to capture the exact audience you want for your South African business using Facebook Advertising. Facebook advertising varies distinctly from paid search advertising (Google PPC), in which a user seeks a clear intent […]