Hospice Association of Wits Nursing School Application For 2020/2021

We aim to empower fitness care employees and different persons with competencies that will equip them to supply first-rate Palliative care services. We really agree with that, our coaching and schooling ought to empower all men and women to deal with demise and loss of life in a dignified manner as properly as facilitate the provision of satisfactory palliative care to all who stay in South Africa. Our coaching attracts upon our great journey in Palliative Care as nicely as an acute realisation that this is an evolving vicinity of understanding and as such we have to aid our trip with ongoing lookup in the field.

Hospice Association of Wits Nursing School Programmes Offered :

Intro to Palliative Care 1-week intensive-care programme.

Costings: R2500.00

Overview of palliative care including:

Introduction to palliative care

Communication skills

Breaking terrible news

Ethics genograms

Pain control

Syringe driver

Symptom control

Psychosocial and non secular care

The death process

Short route in Palliative Nursing
8 Month (1 day per week) Short Course in Palliative Nursing (SCPN) – authorized with the Hospice Palliative Care Association (HPCA)Costing: R6 740.00This path is a aggregate of concept and exercise designed around:

Professional nursing exercise and palliative care.
Basic verbal exchange skills
Theory and exercise of symptom control
Theory and exercise of psychological, social, non secular and supportive care
Professional fitness care workshops
4 Day Introduction to Palliative Care for Auxiliary, Ancillary nurses and Health Care workers
Introduction to palliative care
Communication skills
Breaking awful news
Pain and symptom control
Psycho, social and religious care
The death process
Grief, Loss & Bereavement
1-Week Introduction to Palliative CareAn informative 5 day route for Registered, Enrolled and Professional nurses focusing on a multi-disciplinary/holistic strategy to palliation. On completion a certificates will be issued.
Introduction to Palliative care
Basic Principles of Nursing
Communication skills
Nutrition and Elimination
Breaking terrible news
Basic First Aid Principles
Grief, Loss & Bereavement
The loss of life process
Pain and symptom control
Psycho, Social and religious care
2.5- Day Grief, Loss and Bereavement WorkshopA 2.5-day workshop for humans with fundamental counselling or help skills.Course Objectives:
To make bigger know-how and perception of grief, loss and bereavement.
To enhance perception into grief via the ages.
To study new and innovative approaches of helping the bereaved.
To strengthen new insights and abilities for grief and bereavement support.
Enhanced self-awareness.
Course outline:
New theories and fashions for grasp grief, loss and bereavement.
“The silent grief” – an overview of childhood bereavement.
Self-awareness and private growth.
Grief assist – skills, values, process, fashions and perspectives.
The way forward.
Volunteer Counselling 5 week course5 week (8.30-15.00 hours) Care Givers CourseThe route affords the fantastic abilities to:
Develop an appreciation of the Hospice philosophy of care and turn out to be oriented to the organisation
Facilitate greater recognition of self and perception into troubles evoked with the aid of patients
Gain perception into the losses skilled via a unwell affected person and their family
Begin conceptualising demise in order to empathize with the demise patient
Explore private experiences of loss and grief and increase an grasp of the idea round grief, loss and bereavement
Enhanced expertise and appreciation of terminal illness: bodily and psychological implications
Learn and exercise interpersonal skills
Who have to do the course?
Any man or woman who has a ardour for looking to volunteer themselves to Hospice.
Individuals with empathy and compassion.
Professionals and non-professionals who would like to amplify and examine extra about counselling in a palliative situation
The Ancillary Health Care WorkerThis path will allow the Learner to be equipped in the following factors of domestic care. A certificates will be issued to all learners.Create a hygienic surroundings for the patient.Bed bathing, mattress making.Mouth care, strain section care.Basic role of the patient.Basic first aid: CPRTemperature, pulse, respiratory and Blood Pressure (BP)Basic NutritionCare of the dyingHIV/AIDS and TBBasic anatomy and physiologyCommunicationPatient rightsDementia/Alzheimer’s DiseaseAssessments and exams will be written at some point of the path
We have solely listed a few workshops, we additionally provide coaching on matters such as:
Breaking Bad News.
5-Day Physical Assessment for Nurses.
Caring for the Patient at Home.
Effective Care Communication Skills for Registered Nurses and different Health Care workers
Beyond Limits, “ Schools Grief and Loss Bereavement training”
Beyond Limits, “ Corporate Organisations Grief and Loss Bereavement training”
Because we choose to make certain that as many humans as viable have get admission to to satisfactory Palliative Care when they want it, we provide bursaries to deserving applicants.”

A very integral non-negotiable section of what we are about is Volunteers

Hospice Association of Wits Nursing School Contact Details :

Houghton Tell Number:011 483 9100

Soweto Tell Number: eleven 983 7400

Email address: info@hospicewits.co.za

Website: hospicewits.co.za