How To Apply For SAQA

What you should do

  1. Obtain the application form from Saqa, or complete your application online(recommended).
  2. Complete all the sections of the application form. 
  3. Ensure that proof of the necessary payment (always to be made in ZAR currency) accompanies the application. 
  4. Provide legible and certified true copies of all documents required. 
  5. Provide a copy of a legitimate identification document (ID).

Certificates in foreign languages must be accompanied by sworn translations into English.

Note: The Saqa needs both the document in the original language and the sworn translation.

How long does it take

  • Normal application: 30 working days.
  • Urgent application: 20 working days. 
  • Priority application: 10 working days. 
  • Special application: 48 hours (send a notification to

How much does it cost

The cost is available on the Saqa website.

Forms to complete

Evaluation of foreign qualifications form is available South African Qualifications Authority.