SAQA Online Application

Step 1: Online registration and application

Access the relevant link on the SAQA website through selecting Services; Evaluation of Foreign Qualifications; Online Application:

1. Register yourself online if you are a new client and /or login,

2. Select New application: Evaluation and carefully read through all the information including the Links provided,

3. Click Next, and complete the relevant sections,

4. Once completed, print the online application form,

5. Read and sign the declaration on the online application form (unsigned application forms will not be processed),

6. Print, fill-in, and sign the Consent Form

Step 2: Receipt of submission number and proof of payment for the SAQA service

On the online application form printout, you will automatically receive a submission number starting with 20… This submission number is your reference number for payment purposes. Please click on the Click here to Pay link. Read through the Terms and Conditions, agree to them and select the Payment Method you prefer – either the Online Payment or Deposit Slip method. Make sure when using the Deposit Slip method that you have captured the sample slip information exactly on the actual Standard Bank deposit slip.

Step 3: Submission of documents together with your printed online application form.

SAQA will only process your application when the following documents are received together:

1. Your printed and signed online application form,

2. Your proof of payment reflecting the submission number as reference number,

3. Your correct documentation strictly according to the requirements as stated on the What must be submitted to SAQA document,

4. A certified copy of your official identity document,

5. A consent form signed by the qualification holder.

NB: The process outlined in Step 3 applies to ALL applicants for evaluation of foreign qualifications, including those who:

1. Post applications for evaluation,

2. Courier applications for evaluation, or

3. Personally deliver applications for evaluation.

SAQA only accepts applications for evaluation that fully meet application requirements as stipulated. In all cases of non-compliance requiring SAQA to administer deferred applications, a fee will be payable. Upon deferral of non-compliant applications, clients will be informed of the deficiency and refunded their application fee minus the administration fee.